Easter Hunts

10 locations around the city? Clues on the IG story? Overhype related clues? Prizes?
During lockdown we really wanted to get our customers and Instagram followers involved in something fun and bring some joy to the city. Firstly we donated 50 Easter eggs to a local charity, Abernecessities, that help support underprivileged families in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. Secondly, we decided an easter hunt around the city would be the perfect since we have such a diverse customer base, this could be enjoyed by both our younger and older customers.The prizes included in the hunt were custom limited edition Overhype brand Easter egg tees, of which the profits were also donated to aforementioned charity, a copy of the Overhype magazine which was designed for the opening of the new shop back in November 2020, rare stickers and various other gifts. The easter hunt prizes were dropped in various locations across the city, including the high school owner Liam attended and the location of our first store. The clues were all Overhype related and posted on our Instagram story, giving our long-term followers a better chance of finding these great prizes.
Check out our Instagram story highlight ‘Easter’ to see where the prizes were around Aberdeen city & more behind the scenes content from the day.